Green glass campaign was launched summer 2013 to address the lack of green & amber glass recycling in Lebanon, which causes the dumping of the glass in landfills or forests- becoming a major hazard of fire.

The campaign highlights the issue by introducing a creative and artistic alternative to the glass waste: the glass-blowing artisanship that transforms the waste into art pieces.
This initiative reduces the glass waste- revives the artisanship in Lebanon and provides recycled and rare pieces of art.

Our challenge was to communicate all of the above in a simple visual and line, simple enough to be absorbed- yet catchy enough to incite the public to buying the art pieces, therefore encouraging the vanishing artisan work.

3 main visuals were posted viral and printed into huge posters pasted in Beirut streets and in art galleries/ restaurants that supported the campaign and welcomed the art pieces to be sold in their outlets.